Many of the older Infinities have become classics. We designed and built the Watkins
woofers for these, and we restore them to their original specifications. So don't 
compromise their quality with a cheap and inferior repair job.
We also have new woofers. Please see below.
Refoaming for Original Sound: 

   Surrounds are made with many different degrees of compliance (stiffness). To obtain the correct amount of cone movement and thus the same volume of bass and low distortion as our original design, we use only our original type of surround.

   When refoaming the voice coil must be realigned, and correct alignment is also critical. One method is to cut out the dome cap in the center of the cone and use shims. This destroys the dome cap and generic replacements alter the frequency response and change the sound of the speaker. The other method of alignment is to move the coil-cone assembly around until you don't hear the coil scrape metal. Some use a test tone, but this only makes the scraping louder. Neither of the methods gives any indication of when the voice coil is in the center of the magnetic field. We use our exclusive electronic alignment process that centers the coil with perfect symmetry, allowing linear cone movement and minimum distortion. This along with an undisturbed dome cap and the proper surround insures that the speaker will perform and sound the same as when it was new.
We check all the following:

Buzz and rattle
Integrity of dome attachment to cone
Integrity of coil attachment to cone
Integrity of coil attachment to spider
Spider adhesion to frame
Integrity of magnet, plate, and frame attachments
Accelerometer output and distortion
Input lead integrity and dress
We clean the input terminals if needed.

We also use polyether foam which lasts much longer than other types of foam, along with Airflex adhesive. It remains flexible, the same as that used for original construction.   

Turnaround time: 

Three working days, and all repair is overseen by Bill Watkins. Guarantee is five years.

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Prices And Shipping Instructions 

Cost to refoam and align woofer coils:
15 inch            $80 each 
12 inch            $75 each 
10 inch            $70 each
8 inch or less  $65 each

Cost to refoam and align mid-range coils:

$65 each

If you have speakers where someone has botched the repair, there may be an additional charge. 

Add cost for packing, insurance, and shipping as follows:

15 inch - PER PAIR
East         $50
West        $55

12 inch - PER PAIR:
East         $35
West        $40

10 inch - PER PAIR:
East         $25
West        $30   

8 inch or less and mid-range - PER PAIR
East         $24
West        $28

Infinity control woofers are $125.00 each for repair and their associate woofers are $90.00 each. 

This due to the extra work, care, and time taken with them.

Payment by personal or business check included with speakers is preferred.  Otherwise Mastercard,
Visa, or Paypal.

Warranty is five years on any part we replace and any work we do.  


Packing and Shipping Instructions:

Remove the speaker from the cabinet by removing the screws that hold the speakers in. Before disconnecting the two wires (four for dual-drive) be sure to tag the wires and speaker terminals or draw a "map" to insure correct reinstallation.

Bolt or tie-strap the speakers together, face-to-face.

Use packing all around such that speakers do not touch the shipping box. Several layers of bubble pack works well.

Ship by UPS to:

Watkins Stereo, Inc.
1019 East Center St.
Kingsport TN 37660

Questions? Email us at:


PHONE: (423) 246-3701  


 We now have new Watkins-Infinity 12 inch dual-drive woofers (latest polypropylen cone version)

 in stock. Cost is $750.00 per pair plus shipping as above.

These are exact replacement dual-drive Infinity-Watkins woofers for:
Infinity QLS-1 (Quantum Series)
Infinity Quantum 2
Infinity Quantum 3
Infinity Quantum 4
Infinity Quantum 5
Infinity Quantum JR 
Reference Standard RS-1.5
Reference Standard RS-2.5
Reference Standard RS-4.5
Several other models

Questions? email:

PHONE: (423) 246-3701

Watkins Stereo, Inc.
1019 East Center St.
Kingsport TN 37660